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100,000 heating solutions to satisfy
the requirements of the electrothermic industry

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band heaters
flat heaters
cartridges heaters
fan heaters
tubular heaters
immersion heaters
Infrared emitters
Industrial air duct heaters
drum heaters formable coil heaters Silicone_flat_heaters Flexible heaters
cast heaters
ceramic core heaters
flat heaters

ATEX heaters

atex heaters

UL heaters

Ul heaters


accessoires sensors Regulation cables
isolants thermiques et isolants electriques Ventilateurs simple et double turbine fil chauffant  


Batteries, generators, hot air, heated frames Tables and heating plates Heaters for liquid flow Infrared panels and special applications
Tunnels electric infrared and hot air industrial electric heating furnaces ... Fours et étuves

ATEX CERTIFIED HEATERS FOR EXPLOSION PROOF AREAS fabricant resistances electriques chauffantes atex

Radiateurs antidéflagrants atex thermoplongeurs sur bride atex antidéflagrants thermoplongeurs a visser atex antidéflagrants
Four electrique industriel antideflagrant atex  


UL CERTIFIED HEATERS resistances chauffantes UL

UL band heaters UL flat heaters UL flexible silicone heaters
UL cartridges heaters UL infrared emitters  



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ACIM JOUANIN - band heaters, cartridge heaters, strip heaters, tubular elements,
infrared emitters, coil heaters, flexible heaters, fan heaters, cast in heaters,
drums heaters, regulation, oven, accessories

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