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"Band heaters"
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band heaters

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Band heaters

mica or ceramic band heaters



  • Click on the link to see our data sheets of specific products :

encapsulated sealed nozzle heaters Encapsulated sealed nozzle heaters
or nozzle heaters

Characteristics standard heaters(PDF)

Characteristics special heaters (PDF)

mica band heaters

Mica band heaters

Characteristics (PDF)

mica band heaters Mica band heaters
axial, radial or tangential


(documentation in french -
currently in translation))

Mica band heaters UL and CSA certified Mica band heaters UL certified for USA and Canada
axial, radial or tangential


Colliers chauffants certifiés UL

mica band heaters with clamping sheath Mica band heaters with clamping sheath

Characteristics (PDF)

sealed mica heaters Sealed mica heaters

Characteristics (PDF)

high watt density mica band heaters High watt density mica band heaters

Characteristics (PDF)

ceramic band heaters Ceramic band heaters
or barrel band heaters

Characteristics (PDF)

band heaters with mineral insulation

Band heaters with mineral insulation,
or high density band heaters

Characteristics (PDF)

radial connection band heaters with tular Radial connection band heaters with tubular elements

Characteristics (PDF)

ventilated band heaters Ventilated band heaters

Characteristics (PDF)

Energy saving band heaters

Characteristics (PDF)



  • Click on the link to see our specific data sheets:


clamping of band heaters connection of band heaters accessories and options of band heaters

Clamping :
different types

Connection :
different types

and Options



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To better answer to your needs, we offer you standard drawings to be filled in on line or to be downloaded on Acrobat Reader, as you prefer.
In all cases, please fill in the presentation form.


Standard drawings to download :

- Mica and ceramic band heaters,standard and specific(206 ko)

- Ventilated band heaters* (136 ko)

- Define a band heater  : form to give information, to determinate the power and characteristics of a band heater(pdf form to fill on line)(127 ko)


* Nota : Access to documentations with password (doc in french for the moment, currently in translation process). If you forgot your password or if you are not enregistered, click here.


  • Assembling recommandations for band heaters

assembling recommandations for band heaters



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