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In addition to the heating elements ...

 Leads and cables
for electronic

Temperature regulator TOR or PID, electric box ...

Thermocouple leads and connectors

Plugs, lugs

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Solids heating


Colliers mica , ceramique , a économie d'énergie, et ventilés

Band heaters

- Mica, mica sealed or encapsulated sealed nozzle heaters : Range

- Ceramic band heaters : Range

- Mineral insulated band heaters : Range

- Sheated heaters with radial connector : Range

- Band heaters with blower assembly : Range

- Energy saving band heaters : Range


Cartouches chauffantes traditionnelles, crayons chauffants

Cartridges heaters

- Cartridges heaters : low, medium and high density : Range

- Split cartridges : Range


resistances plates mica et ceramique

Strip heaters

- Mica, mica without sheath or sealed mica strip heaters : Range

- Ceramic strip heaters : Range

- Silicon strip heaters : Range


Elements blindesresistances a ailettes

Tubular heaters



emetteurs infrarouge

Infrared emitters

- High wavelength (ceramic emitters ...) : Range

- Medium wavelength (quartz emitters ....) : Range

- Short wavelength (infrared lamps ...) : Range


resistances formables a froid RCF 

Coil heaters



Régulateur 48CSP2C

Cast in heaters



resistances souples silicone

Flexible heaters



Tables chauffantes électriques

Heating tables



Tunnels chauffants électriques

Belt conveyor tunnels



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